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Slow and steady

It's been a while since the last update so there are quite of them to share:

  • Added some new features

  • Added some polish to the GOB Mapper

    • Added Undo/Redo

    • Optimized the interface

  • Tested on Meta Quest 2

  • Updated instructions for Game Play and the GOB Mapper

  • Sorting out legal stuff

    • Terms & Conditions and User Licensing

    • Privacy Policy

What's to come:

  • Prep the game for internal alpha testing

  • Prep the game for closed beta testing

  • Share screenshots of the editor after testing (no point in sharing if the testers hate it 😛)

  • Update the sabers from basic cylinders to something more official 😂

  • Create a more official song list

  • Finish up effect assignments for the GOB Mapper (4 are done, 8 remaining)

  • Add more environments

  • Point the leaderboard to the cloud

  • Probably more legal stuff

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