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GOB 'n' GOB is a hack and slash rhythm game that takes place in VR. Pick your favorite song, select an environment to play in, then hack and slash your way through the song to get the highest score in the world. If you're having trouble, there is a practice mode to help you get better. If you're a creator, there's even a built-in mapper that can be used to create your own GOB maps for songs that come with the game.


Selection Menu

Select a song, an environment, and set the difficulty. Once happy, select what you want to do next, whether it be to play the game, practice, or edit the GOB map with the built-in mapper.


If you're having trouble with a song, you can always play the song in practice mode. Set the time, the speed, then play. Once playing, the intuitive controls make it easy to keep playing the same section over and over again.


GOB Mapper

If you like to create, then the built-in GOB mapper will let you design your very own GOB maps for songs included with the game.

The Developer

Aaron is a self taught indie developer who is always looking for ways to make fun games. He has always liked the idea of developers providing ways to allow players to edit their games, so he wanted to do the same thing when it came to making GOB 'n' GOB.

The journey to developing games started in 1996 when he created his first map for a 3D first person shooter. Two years later he bought his first C++ compiler. The rest is as they say: history.

Little Dreamer Games was founded in 2018 by Aaron. He uses the company as an outlet to make fun games and useful tools in his spare time.

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